Directions to Nicole’s Place, Private Resort

A. VIA SLEX (South Luzon Expressway) BUCAL By Pass Road

  1. Bucal By Pass Road Exit is the exit RIGHT BEFORE CALAMBA
  2. Exit Bucal more or less 5 kilometers make a LEFT Turn at AYALA GREENFIELD ESTATES just follow the road. you’ll see at the end of the road a Stop Light turn Right.
  3. Just straight ahead another landmark is E. Barretto School at your right just go straight.
  4. From E. Barretto School more or less 1 minute drive you will see NID’S BALOT formerly know Balot sa Dahon in front of that is the SOLEMAR DEL PANSOL SUBDIVISION, turn left.
  5. After turning left just go straight, you need to see at the end of the road 2 SMALL Stores (Sari Sari Store), when you see those stores turn right immediately, you will see a Guard House enter the Guard House just say Nicole’s Place.
  6. They will guide you where our Resort is Located: Jasmin Street 2nd street from the Guard House Color Pink.
  7. Have FUN!! ?


  2. Real Elementary School at your right side
  3. Turn right at an open entry
  4. After turning right immediately turn left at the 1st Street that is Chipenco Ave. Extension, just follow the road straight you will see SHELL Gas Station before RSM at your left and Union Galva Stell at your right.
  5. Just straight you will see ahead of you the City Hall of Calamba at your right;
  6. Rail Road ahead, too many tricycles a public transportation and commercial stores to your left and right. You need to see ahead of you after the rail road is an INTERSECTION at the left is BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and PLAN Bank to your right and most right is YELLOW CAB (New Establishment); you need to turn right.
  7. After turning right… now PLAN Bank is now at your left along the road (that is called PROVINCIAL ROAD) landmarks still Yellow Cab and 711 at your right.
  8. Along Provincial Road/National Hi-Way you will see Wilcon Builder’s Depot, BPI, Pag Ibig to your left in addition Department of Tourism Puregold at the same McDonalds still at the left side and at the right side Burger King, Jollibee and 711 again..
  9. In passing all that you will see 5minutes drive depending on your speed is Bucal Elementary School at your right side. Heading at a railroad that is SACAY Street you will now start seeing different Resorts along the way. Just find NID’s Balot (Formerly known as Balot Sa Dahon) at the right… IN FRONT of that is SOLEMAR DEL PANSOL Subdivision.
  10. Turn left cause SOLEMAR DEL PANSOL is at the left side of the road.
  11. After turning left, just straight no turning right or left until you see a small Store ahead that is the time you need to turn right… You will see a GUARD HOUSE just say Nicole’s Place.
  12. 2nd Street Jasmin Street Pink Color Nicole’s Place Enjoy!! ?